Rokform Small bar Mount, polish

Our sturdy small bar phone mount attaches to any bar between 10mm and 16mm. It's suitable for use on any vehicle or space where there's a small bar.
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RO0120 / 338601P-PA
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SMALL BAR MOUNT -  Our sturdy small bar phone mount attaches to any bar between 10mm and 16mm. It's suitable for use on any vehicle or space where there's a small bar.

• Durable Aluminum Construction
• Easy to install with the included tool
• Works with all ROKFORM RokLock™ Cases
• Fits 4 bar sizes, 10mm-16mm (25/64”-5/8”)

Rokform's bar phone mount securely holds your smartphone and fits universally. We make our mount from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure it is suited for the rigors of rough travel. Our mount looks stylish, but it also provides maximum security.

  • SECURE: Our patented RokLock™ twist lock system securely holds your phone in place
  • BUILT LIKE A ROK: We make our bar phone mount from tough aircraft-grade aluminum, so it won’t crack or break like plastic mounts.
  • VERSATILE: Our bar phone mount fits bars in sizes of 10mm (25/64”), 12mm (15/32”), 14mm (9/16”) and 16mm (5/8”).

How many times have you been out on the road, only to realize you missed your turn because you were fumbling with your phone for directions? With ROKFORM's phone bar mount, those days are over. Missed turns lead to missed opportunities. Our small bar mount lets you say goodbye to awkward stops and U-turns and say hello to seamless, safe, and efficient rides every time.

Our RokLock™ tech not only secures your phone, it locks in peace of mind. With a simple twist, your phone locks securely into place. Our patented RokLock™ twist creates an unbreakable bond between the mount and your device. Even on the roughest, bumpiest rides, your phone stays put—no wiggles, no wobbles, and no worries.

Freedom and safety don't have to be mutually exclusive. Our ROKFORM small bar mount lets you embrace your adventurous spirit without compromising the security of your device. Our bar phone mount is like having a seatbelt for your smartphone. You can roam wherever your heart desires, knowing that no matter how rough the road gets your phone is secure.

Installation issues are often quoted as the number one reason for buyer’s remorse. And who wants buyer’s remorse when you can have rider’s rejoice? With Rokform there's no fumbling with complicated instructions. Simply use the included wrench and snap your new mount into place in seconds. Our small bar mount was designed for people who'd rather be riding than reading assembly instructions.

From 10mm to 16mm, we welcome all rides. Rokform's phone bar mount isn't your run-of-the-mill plastic holder. It's a long-lasting, aircraft-grade aluminum solution that adapts seamlessly to a wide range of bars and mirrors. Our small bar mount positions your phone at the perfect angle for easy, glance-and-go navigation and hands-free communication.

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  • - small bar mount
  • - DIY Installation Kit
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