Technaxx Solar Balcony Power Plant 600W (2pcs.,max.325W) WiFi with Mount, (TX-271), Black

Technaxx Solar balcony power plant, solar panel 600W WiFi TX-271 - A simple and useful solar system to reduce energy consumption, including WiFi, with a high safety standard.
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Technaxx Solar balcony power plant, solar panel 600W WiFi TX-271 - A simple and useful solar system to reduce energy consumption, including WiFi, with a high safety standard.

  • Easy installation: connect, start, save energy
  • Includes WiFi and TX-246 mount
  • Suitable for wall, floor and railing mounting
  • Suitable for most frame solar panels (thickness 35mm)
  • Real-time data and alarms in the S-Miles APP
  • Acquisition of energy production data
  • Light and compact microinverter
  • Suitable for supplying electricity to the 230V home network
  • The maximum power supply of the inverter is 800W
  • Ideal for covering the basic load during the day in your home
  • MPP tracking for optimal power supply
  • VDE compatible

Balcony power plants are an ecological alternative to traditional energy sources and are designed to reduce the consumption of electricity you take from the grid.
This solar system is ideal for installation on flat roofs, terraces, balconies or fences. Its lightweight and compact micro-inverter enables easy installation and immediate operation, contributing to energy savings.
With the S-Miles app, you can monitor real-time energy production data and set alarms.
The solar panel with monocrystalline cells provides high efficiency and reliability, while guaranteeing a maximum output of up to 325W.
The microinverter is able to power your home network and is ideal for covering the basic daily load.

You can easily produce solar energy yourself on your balcony or terrace and use it in your home.
Plug-in solar devices generate electricity for your personal use, but are not designed to supply electricity to the public grid.
A plug-in solar system is significantly cheaper than a photovoltaic system, so even people with low incomes can finance it.
You can also place the solar device in the socket on the terrace or in the garden. If you move, you can simply take the device with you.
Balcony modular systems are safe and also pay off financially in the long term.

How do they work?
Do you have a terrace or balcony? Then you can generate your own solar power with a plug-in solar device. These small balcony photovoltaic systems can be mounted, for example, on a balcony parapet. However, it is not a "system" in the technical sense, but rather a household appliance that produces electricity.
This system is based on a microinverter (microconverter), used for direct use of energy from solar panels, and its output can be connected directly to the electrical distribution anywhere in your house or apartment. You don't need any additional devices for the basic installation. All the energy from the solar panels is directly transferred to the 230 V distribution and is directly used by the connected appliances. The system must be designed in such a way that the consumption of local consumers is always higher than the maximum power of the microinverter. Then the solution will work in such a way that the produced energy from the solar panel is always consumed in preference to the paid energy from the grid.

What can the balcony power plants plug into the socket?
Solar modules generate electricity directly from sunlight, which the inverter converts into "household electricity".
The inverter is connected directly to the electrical circuit in the apartment. In the simplest case, via a plug into an existing socket.
Electricity from the balcony power plant flows into a connected socket and from there to the TV, fridge or washing machine, which are connected to other sockets in the apartment.
This means that less electricity is taken from the public grid.
If the electricity produced from the balcony is not enough to operate household appliances, the required amount will be replenished automatically from the public network.

What is the difference compared to a classic photovoltaic system?
Balcony power plants are smaller than traditional photovoltaic systems and are designed for private individuals to install, connect and use directly.
Balcony solar systems can be easily disconnected and operated elsewhere.
They have a power of up to 800 watts.
Classic photovoltaic systems on private houses, on the other hand, have an output between 3 and 20 kilowatts (kWp).
They consist of several components, the installation and maintenance of which must be carried out by specialist companies.
The PV system is installed for permanent operation and can be removed and moved to another building only with considerable effort.

Are balcony solar devices safe?
The technology used is tested and the same components are used in professionally installed photovoltaic systems.
Only components that have been manufactured and tested according to standards may be used.
The devices are generally very secure.
And what is most important? Connect only one solar device to the outlet (via the inverter) to any outlet or circuit.
It would be dangerous to connect several devices through multiple sockets.

Note It does not work in island mode when the distribution network is out.


Solar panel: Monocrystalline
Cable connection: MC4
Max. power: 325W
Operating voltage: 31.60V
Operating current: 10.29A
Module efficiency: 22.70%
Max. system voltage: 1000V
Cable length: Panel1=90cm / Panel2=90cm
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C

Micro inverter 800W
Configured at 600W, automatic update after law change
Rated output power: 800VA
Rated output current: 3.48A
Nominal output voltage: 230V
Operating temperature: -40°C - +65°C
Transmission: Built-in WiFi
Frequency range: 2.412 - 2.472 GHz
Radiated transmission power: max. 18.4 dBm / 69.2 mW

Balcony power plant
O Performance / year O Performance / day
600 Watt 570 kWh 1.56 kWh

System Requirements:
"S-Miles Installer" app: iOS 13.0 or higher; Android 10.0 or higher / EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, CZ, PL, PO (11-2023)


Device weight: 50 kg
Device dimensions: 155.5 x 103.8 x 3.5 cm


  • 1x PV micro inverter 800W,
  • 2x solar module 325W,
  • 1x Holder TX-246 for 2 solar panels,
  • 1x 5m connecting cable,
  • 1x user manual

When purchasing a balcony power plant, you need to fill out a form and send a request to connect the microsource to the relevant distribution company. Everything is defined in Decree §16 on connection to the electricity system.
You can find your distributor on your electricity bill. A clear breakdown can also be found on the ERU website. As part of the distributor approval process, applicants must prevent the leakage of excess energy produced back into the grid.

ČEZ distribution – application for connecting a microsource
PRE distribution - request to connect a microsource
EG.D distribution - request to connect a microsource
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