Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Controller Wireless XBox / PC/ Android, Black

Turtle Beach Stealth ULTRA Wireless Gamepad XBOX / PC / Android - Wireless Multi-Platform Controller. For players who want nothing more than to win.
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TB0099 / TBS-0710-05
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24 months

Turtle Beach Stealth ULTRA Wireless Gamepad XBOX / PC / Android - Wireless Multi-Platform Controller. For players who want nothing more than to win.

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Controller Wireless delivers low-latency wireless gaming on multiple platforms, including Xbox consoles.
Durable materials, precision controls and worlds’ first advanced customization display combine to ensure victory at any level.

  • High-Performance Wireless Smart Game Controller
  • Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Android Devices
  • LED Dashboard, Charge Dock, RGB Lighting
  • Microswitches
  • No-Drift Sticks
  • Remappable Buttons
  • 30-Hour Battery
  • Bluetooth

High-Performance, Lag-Free Wireless Technology
Our proprietary, lag-free 2.4 GHz USB transmitter gives you the freedom to wirelessly connect to Xbox consoles, and Windows 10 & 11 PCs by either plugging the transmitter directly into the device, or into the charge dock.
Plus, with built-in Bluetooth® technology you can elevate your game experience on Android mobile devices and supported Smart TVs.

30-Hour Battery Life & Rapid Charge Dock
Our low-profile charge dock provides up to 30-hours of wireless usage, and fully recharges in just 2-hours using USB 3.0 high-speed charging.
The dock also has a USB port so you can plug the wireless transmitter into the dock so you’re only taking up one USB port on your Xbox or PC.

Connected Command Display
Unlike anything seen before in gaming, our dynamic full-color, Command Display dashboard keeps you connected with social media notifications, and extensive settings adjustments available right on the dashboard. Unleash the full potential of Stealth™ Ultra and save up to 10 profiles with customization of button mapping, dead zones & axis response modes, vibration intensity, audio enhancements, and RGB lighting.

Patented, On-Board Social Notifications
Receive social notifications from your phone for all your favorite social media platforms on the Command Display dashboard to keep you in the loop while gaming.

AntiDrift™ Thumbsticks
Contactless, hall effect thumbsticks use internal magnets instead of full contact analog-style sticks to provide high-resolution, smooth control without drift.
You can even dial in stick performance to suit the exact game you’re playing with linear input for consistent steering in racing games, or precision input for pinpoint aim in action & FPS games. Plus, two sets of additional thumbcaps are included for tactile preference.

Precise, Microswitch Buttons
The Stealth™ Ultra was designed with high-end components throughout to boost performance and longevity.
Tactile microswitches in the D-Pad, ABXY cluster, mappable buttons and bumper buttons give every button a faster, more reliable response, and are rated at 5 million clicks, or up to 5X as long as standard buttons.

Adjustable Trigger Stops
Modify the throw distance of the triggers on-the-fly to suit the games you play.
Shorter hair trigger locks provide a faster return profile for FPS games or set to full travel for precise throttle and brake control when racing.

Four Mappable Quick-Action Buttons
Four mappable microswitch buttons on the back of the controller allow you to set up the Stealth™ Ultra to your exact preferences depending on the types of games you play.
Within the 10 onboard profiles available, you can set specific button mappings and settings for multiple games and loadouts.

Pro-Aim™ Focus Mode
Selectable as one of preset functions for any of the four mappable buttons, Pro-Aim™ tunes thumbstick sensitivity for enhanced long-range accuracy.
Whether it’s a long-range snipe, or a daunting free kick, Pro-Aim™ is fully adjustable to dial-in the sensitivity just right.

Customization with Control Center 2 Companion App
Open the Control Center 2 app on your Xbox console, PC, iOS, or Android smartphone to adjust settings on the controller like social notification preferences, customization of button mapping, dead zones & axis response modes, vibration intensity, audio enhancements, and RGB lighting. Plus, the Control Center 2 app lets you quickly make product updates.

Advanced Audio Tuning
Enhance any 3.5mm connected headset with easy access audio features only available from Turtle Beach including four EQ presets and Superhuman Hearing®. Plus, you can set the game & chat volume mix to your exact preference, adjust mic monitoring and more, all directly from the Command Display dashboard.

Intelligent RGB Lighting
The intelligent RGB LED lighting system allows you to personalize the Stealth™ Ultra with 16.8 million distinct colors and effects.
You can also set up different color combinations for notification alerts and low battery warnings to keep you in tune with product status.

Immersive Vibration Feedback
Dual rumble motors in the handles and triggers provide immersive vibration feedback and are fully adjustable via the Command Display dashboard.
Tune the levels of vibration to suit the games you play, from maximum vibration for intense racing games, to minimum feedback for reduced interference when precise aim control is needed.

Premium Materials
Designed for longevity and comfort, the Stealth™ Ultra has soft touch finishes, long-lasting microswitches, and comfortable, ergonomic grips.

Charge-Through Case
Stow away your controller, charge dock, cables and included additional thumbcaps in the hardshell travel case, plus a built-in slot lets you charge your Stealth™ Ultra while in its case.

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S & Xbox One 
Windows 10/11
Android 8.0+ Devices & supported Smart TVs with Bluetooth®

• USB-A Transmitter to Xbox, Windows PCs
• Bluetooth® Connection to Android Devices, Windows PCs & supported Smart TVs with Bluetooth®
• USB-A Wired Connection to Xbox, and Windows PCs


Wireless Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 & 11 PCs, Smart TVs
Bluetooth® Compatibility: Windows 10 & 11 PCs, Android 8.0+ Mobile Devices & Smart TVs with Bluetooth®
Wired Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 & 11 PCs, Smart TVs
Audio Input/Output: 3.5mm audio port for stereo audio output & microphone input


Product Weight (Controller) (g/lbs.): 246 g / 0.54 lbs.
Package Weight (g/lbs.): 360 g / 0.79 lbs.
Product Dimensions (Controller) (mm/in): 120 x 160 x 64.2 / 4.72 x 6.30 x 2.53
Package Dimensions (mm/in): 190 x 178 x 78 / 7.48 x 7.01 x 3.07

  • Turtle Beach® Stealth™ Ultra Controller
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Charge Dock
  • 10’ / 3m USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • Four Additional Thumbcaps
  • Hard-Shell Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Turtle Beach Sticker
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