White Shark Mouse Pad TMP-SHARK,137,5x67,5 cm, Black (TMP-115)

White Shark mouse pad TMP-SHARK - This gaming mouse pad offers an ideal environment for a smooth and precise gaming experience.
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White Shark mouse pad TMP-SHARK - This gaming mouse pad offers an ideal environment for a smooth and precise gaming experience.

The White Shark TMP-SHARK is a gaming pad that is designed specifically for use with a gaming mouse.
This pad is 3mm thick, which is the ideal thickness for comfortable and stable use.
It features a non-slip surface that ensures the mouse stays in place without sliding, which is key for precise mouse movement during games.
The large dimensions of the pad 1375 x 675 mm provide enough space for the mouse to move and allow players to move more freely during games.
This gaming mat is made of cellular rubber with a textile surface. This material combines the benefits of comfort and stability for an optimal gaming experience.
The pad is black with white elements, which not only adds an aesthetic element, but can also improve the visibility of the gaming mouse.
Overall, this gaming pad meets the requirements for a precise gaming experience thanks to its non-slip surface and large dimensions that allow smooth mouse movement.
It is made of quality material and has a stylish design that refreshes the gaming table.

  • Non-slip surface for precise mouse movement
  • Sufficiently spacious with dimensions of 137.5x67.5 cm
  • smoothly stitched edges against fraying

Smooth surface
The smooth surface optimizes the accuracy of the sensor so that your hand's movement is translated onto the screen with high precision.

Extra large
With dimensions of 1375 x 675 mm, this pad supports your full setup.
A massive surface gives you the freedom of movement and setup layout.

Cellular rubber base
The cellular rubber base makes sure your mouse is the only thing that moves on your table.
The thickness of 3mm throughout the whole mousepad's area creates solid stability for quick movements.

Stitched edges
They prevent the finish from peeling off.


Item Type: Gaming Mouse Pad
Thickness (mm): 3
Material: cellular rubber/textile
Anti-slip surface: YES
Color: black/white


Dimensions (mm): 1375x675
Weight (g): 1800
Thickness (mm): 3

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